How Much Money Do You Need To Move Your Truck?

At PTAH LLC - Perfection Transport Across Horizons, also known as P.T.AH Logistics, we specialize in booking and dispatching high paying freight for independent carriers according to their requirements - while also providing business consultation, management and automotive asset relocation services. With access to 100+ load boards covering the full spectrum of the freight and asset relocation industries, and as a member of the National Dispatchers Network, our Owner-Operator Business Managers are trained to strategically book carriers high paying freight according to the specific instructions and load requirements provided to us by the carrier via our Carrier Profile Form. The National Dispatchers Network is a network of over 3000 Freight Brokers and Owner-Operator Business Management Firms nationwide, working together to make sure we exceed our carriers’ expectations. It is founded and built by Owner Operators so we understand that carriers are unique in aspects of load pricing and how they choose to run. As the carrier, you tell us exactly how you want to run your truck(s) and we specifically tailor our optimized load searches on your behalf according to your criteria. In other words, if you need $2.50/mi to run a load; if you only want to go so many miles; if you want backhaul; if you only want to operate in certain parts of the country. However you tell us you would like to operate, we will only look for and contact you with offers based on your requirements. Our carriers are always in control of all their loads booked, but you can trust PTAH LLC to take all the searching, booking, and paperwork time off your hands so you can relax, rest, and run as efficiently as possible. We specialize in booking freight for Flatbed (48-53ft Only), Step Deck (48ft-53ft Only), Dry Van (53ft Only), and Reefer (53ft Only), and Auto Haul. We protect our carriers from the “BS” in the industry by only doing business with accredited shippers and brokers within the industry, as well as scrutinizing each and every word of each and every rate/load confirmation before sending it to our carriers for them to sign.

Owner/Operator Business Management & Consulting

Here at PTAH LLC, our goal is to increase your annual revenue by at least 50% of what you’ve been earning and help you to help your business grow and expand. We do so by taking the role of the Independent Dispatcher and magnifying it. So not only will you get the highest paying freight possible and run exactly how you want to run, thus allowing you to only focus on driving and resting, you also get free ongoing consultation from our highly trained Owner/Op Business Managers. We scrutinize the load management part of your business as well as the industry itself and give you suggestions in order to maximize your profits throughout the year. While everyone else in the industry will be complaining about business being slow and/or rates being low, you’ll still be rolling in the dough. This is what separates the Owner/Op Business Manager from an Independent Dispatcher.

Customer-Oriented Service

The agreement between PTAH LLC and our carriers is non-exclusive. We are not attempting to take the place of your current dispatch service. We are not attempting to change the way you’ve been acquiring your loads regardless if you book them yourself, your spouse books them for you, etc. We merely want to be your option. So when your phone rings with our number showing, you always know that we are about to present you with exactly what you want. At that time, you may choose from at least three load options that we’ll present to you. No forced dispatch whatsoever, and you only pay us for the loads that you choose for us to book on your behalf. If we don't book, you don't pay. Simple and plain. It’s a win-win situation for our carriers with absolutely nothing for them to lose and everything to gain. So…HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU NEED TO MOVE YOUR TRUCK(S)?


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