Freight Dispatching

Freight Dispatching

  • We Book Hi-Dollar Freight
  • Optimized load searches based on the carrier's unique criteria
  • We protect our carriers from discrepancies
  • We take care of all paperwork regarding load bookings
  • We invoice the shipper or broker on your behalf
  • State of the art technology exclusive to our network that improves load search efficiency
  • Specialize in booking freight for:
    • Flatbed
      • 48 to 53 ft
    • Step Deck
      • 48 to 53 ft
    • Dry Van
      • 53 ft
    • Reefer
      • 53 ft
    • Auto Haulers
  • Dispatch Service Agreement Form
    • If you're a carrier or owner/operator, and are interested in joining our dispatch service, copy the URL link below, paste it in the address bar of your browser, and go to the webpage to complete the Dispatch Service Agreement Form.
  • Carrier Profile Form
    • After you have submitted the Dispatch Service Agreement form, you will need to fill out the Carrier Profile Form by copying the URL link below, pasting it in the address bar of your browser, and going to the Carrier Profile Form webpage. The Carrier Profile Form will allow you to give us your load and operating criteria/requirements so that we may conduct the most optimal and ideal load searches on your behalf.

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